Motion Graphics

A logo animation for online streaming service. This piece was inspired by the many hours I spend on the website, the bouncing fun build up of the logo is a portrayal of the fun, youthful image I have of the brand, while the slow blinking icon above the wordmark contrasts that because there is a large amount of the viewers that will stay up to early hours in the morning to watch the content, or fall asleep to the content. The animation brings together both aspects in a fluid way that still accurately follows the current branding.

Example animation for an app log in screen. The video shows the screen assets, such as logo, username, password, and submit button load in then the process of the user typing in a username and password, pressing the submit button and the screen loading out. During the demonstration the app is displayed in a phone mockup with a 3D effect to make it look like a real phone. This is a very successful example of a basic app animation that can be used in many apps currently on the market.