Logo and promotional card for the 2017 Canadian Orienteering Championships.

To give some backstory, orienteering is a popular sport in europe that uses objects like a map and compass to race in different terrain. The main icon for the sport is a white and orange square flag used to mark checkpoints that must be visited before finishing the race, and I found this icon to be heavily overused. Instead of following this trend I looked to different locations for recognizable symbols that the participants and fans would know immediatly while still grabbing the attention of newcomers. The maps used have various symbols to mark different locations, for example: the start, the checkpoints, and the finish. The symbol for the finish is two circles, one inside the other. This symbol would be very recognizable to partcipants and is very flexible in design. The circles also relate to a compass, one of the main tools in the sport, which is usually circular.

The promotional card that was made shows 3 different age groups that usually participate, showing that the event is open to all, and on the back has the sponsers, event runners, location, date, and more details about the event.

A lot of sketches were made to develop every concept available for the logo. I took this symbol and began to play with it. The initials of the event, C.O.C also work with circles a lot. The final design had many factors contribute to it. It spells out COC, with one of the c’s being backwards, it has the familiar half-white, half-orange look of the flags, it is the symbol of the finish line symbol on the maps, and it has a tilt in the split similar to the tilt of the world’s axis which shows the event is international. With all of these factors and features to the logo it came out to be very successful. Once the design for the logo was flushed out, sketches for the card was started.

Logo then built in illustrator and tested with various colours, sizes, fonts, and spacing. Card then assembled in InDesign